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Bored in the park? Definitely not, and certainly not when we park super visors are there.


We rummage in our treasure trove of ideas, make suggestions and you children choose how and what we play, work, do sports or whether we picnic. Variety is guaranteed, because if possible everyone will come to terms with their wishes. You also get to know games that you can play without us game companions. We are often amazed at how well you do it.


Sometimes we provide surprises: For example, when we try something that you've probably never done before: building the longest marble run, exploding acid-base rockets, engaging in the never-ending guessing game or communicating without words in a pantomime game.


We have at least two open ears for your experiences and stories. In an emergency, four or more if someone is carrying around a particularly difficult problem.


We want to help you stay brave, humorous, creative and independent, and get on well with yourself and other people.

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