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Children & Youth Parliament

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Children and youth parliaments enable participation and participation. The students have the chance to help shape their district, their living environment and experience democracy directly by contributing their own ideas. Since 1999, preparatory workshops have been held in school classes from the 3rd to 8th grades (primary schools and new middle schools - such as the school in Diehlgasse) in the fall. The goals are, on the one hand, to bring the students closer to district politics and to enable them to participate in this context. In the workshops you will learn what the district is responsible for and how district politics works. It is worked out what they like in their immediate living environment and what ideas they have for changing it. And on the other hand, to be taken seriously and heard by politics and administration. The students choose a central topic for each class and two delegates who will present it in the children's or youth parliament. Each school year, two meetings for the children's parliament and two meetings for the youth parliament take place in the Margareten office building with the district management and representatives of district politics. The basic principle of these sessions is:

The children have the say and are taken seriously! 

Topics that children and young people from Margareten have been particularly committed to so far: 

- infrastructural improvements

- Garbage collection activities

- joint celebrations

- Organization of sporting events

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