the team

Our team has around 15 motivated carers for the summer park supervision season.

With their diverse talents and interests, they make a colorful offer possible in the parks!

Especially the continuity of long-term employees contributes to the qualitative [relationship] work.
The diversity of the team enables us to respond adequately to the various challenges and to specifically address the cultural backgrounds and demands of the children and young people, or to hold conversations that mediate in conflict situations. In doing so, we maintain the balance between closeness and distance. Our actions include, the principles of openness, voluntariness, low threshold, needs orientation, community orientation, living environment orientation and participation as well as diversity and gender sensitivity.

the core team

Ilona Schachhuber

(Team leader)

Maja Georgiou

Manfred Würrer

Maria Kaufmann

Petra Klemenschitz

Robert Vötsch

Roman Tretthahn

seasonal employees

Angela Rusch

Caroline Lindner

Joanna Konik

Ronny Wolf

(Managing directors)


Dagmar Schnögl

(Assistant to the management)


Diehlgasse 2a, 1050, Wien

+43 676 9398454

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